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If the guide below shows No Equivalent Course listed for ACC 102, this is the case for your college. It is recommended that students transfer in these courses from the same college for consistency. Please reach out to your DePaul transfer admission counselor if you have any questions. Math Requirement Transfer Equivalency Guides by Major. The guides below are a reference for students who have attended other colleges and universities. The courses listed in each guide are not requirements for admission to the University of Houston. Instead, they show how courses taken at other colleges or universities would transfer to UH as credit.

Transfer Guide Nov 15, am. Search for your transfer course reviews here: This search engine will show you courses that have been reviewed for articulation to Kent State University. It is updated daily to add new, or amend existing articulations, and is constantly growing. Explaining Transfer. Course Information: Enter the Institution, Subject, and Course Number. You can also search multiple courses by choosing "Add to Course Load Search". Find courses that transfer: From this course: If you want to see how a course transfers. To this course: If you want to see which courses transfer to a particular course. Transfer courses of three credits will count to clear those course requirements. Some UO degree requirements are based on a minimum number of credits (e.G., 15 credits of Arts and Letters). Your three-credit transfer course will count toward that 15 credit requirement, leaving you with 12 … Transfer Guides Search by UNT bachelor’s degree to find out how your community college courses will apply towards a UNT degree plan, using the Texas Common Core Numbering System to match courses… These guides can be used to determine how courses completed at another domestic institution may meet degree requirements at the University of Minnesota. If your course and/or institution are not listed here, please follow the steps on the Transfer Credit Evaluation website.

Truman State University’s Course Equivalency Guide is intended for prospective and current students. Please read through the following information before you continue. The information in this system is provided as a guide as to how classes you have taken or plan to take may transfer to Truman. You can also find course descriptions for Truman […] The Pitt Connection Transfer Guide is a resource designed to assist you with: * Planningyour community college coursework so that you can ensure a smooth transfer to the University of Pittsburgh. * Maximizingthe number of credits you can earn at the community college prior to your transfer to Pitt. This contains the Virginia Tech course number for which students should endeavor to complete a transferable equivalent prior to transfer. A helpful tool for matching up course numbers by institution is the Transfer Equivalency Database on our Transfer Guide. Since outside credit is evaluated upon enrollment, only course data brought in by a ... Transfer Credit Guidelines. Courses will be reviewed for transferability if the courses are congruent with the applicable program curriculum; Qualifying transfer credits are accepted at the beginning of the student’s program of study or upon prior permission from the campus president or the online dean Transfer Guide (pdf) Transfer Checklist (pdf) Visit EIU; Course Substitution Lists. These lists are offered for convenience and are subject to change. An official transcript evaluation will be completed upon admissions to the university. Community College Course Substitution This transfer guide is not to be considered a contractual agreement between current or prospective SBU students. Please contact the Registrar's Office for more information. If a transfer equivalent course is upper division at SBU (i.E. PSY 3063) and is from an approved 2-year institution, it will be marked as a 2000 level course (i.E. PSY 2000). The Course Transfer Tool Page includes all courses from schools with which BYU–Idaho has made transfer course equivalencies. To access the Course Transfer Tool select below whether you are a prospective or current student. While on the Course Transfer Tool page you can select your state and school from the dropdown boxes to determine which ... The “Washington 45” course list was developed to provide optimum course selection guidance to high school students enrolled in the Washington Running Start program or traditional transfer students who wish to transfer prior to earning an associate degree. View all equivalencies OR Click Search and enter the Course/Subject Code for the transfer institution (select Transfer Course button) or the Course/Subject Code for the UNO course (select Equivalent Course button) and click Search. Find your transfer course in the left-hand column. The right-hand column will tell you the UNO equivalent. Transfer courses with letters after the course number have multiple titles with varying equivalencies. To ensure the correct equivalent, check for corresponding course titles. After admission. Once you have been admitted to OU, the Office of the Registrar does a complete evaluation of your transfer credit. If you are admitted with a semester in ... Course Articulation Guides. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) facilitates the transfer of students from one Illinois institution to another. Both a general education core curriculum and a lower-division major recommendation course listing have been developed. The following links provide course articulation information to aid students in determining how IECC courses will transfer to various universities. These are simply guides and may be subject to change by the institution. Students should familiarize themselves with transfer credit policies and work with an advisor at the receiving school. Select the college you want to transfer into, then find the program you’re interested in. For most majors, our handbook will provide a recommended course sequence, with transfer prerequisite requirements listed in red italics. Compare the recommended courses against your potential transfer credits. Handbook Contents. Campuswide General Education Transfer Courses Transfer credit towards core courses (defined by the NMSU College of Engineering to be “required departmental, discipline-related courses within the major”) must be similar in both (1) content covered and (2) prerequisite requirements. The transfer course must be a component of an ABET-accredited engineering program.

Transfer Advising Guides Guides by Degree. Transfer Advising Guides. Degrees- A, B. Allied Health Completion . General UCCS Transfer Guide. Anthropology. State Transfer Guide. Pueblo Community College. Pikes Peak Community College. Art History. State Transfer Guide. Pueblo Community College. Transfer credits toward a degree are allowed only for coursework relevant to the degree. The Office of the Registrar and appropriate faculty members will decide whether a particular course should transfer, according to approved procedures and standards. The Transfer Equivalency Tool allows students to check how courses from the listed schools will transfer to LSSU. Courses listed from other schools may not currently be offered at those schools. This is only a tool – please go to the Registrar’s Office for final confirmation of how your course will transfer to LSSU.

The Transfer Equivalency Guide (TEG) can help students determine how a course from another institution can transfer to SPU. It is not a comprehensive list; rather, it is a collection of courses students have transferred in previously. Transfer courses of three credits will count to clear those course requirements. Some UO degree requirements are based on a minimum number of credits (e.G., 15 credits of Arts and Letters). Your three-credit transfer course will count toward that 15 credit requirement, leaving you with 12 more credits to … All course equivalencies have been approved by University representatives and are recorded in the Course Transfer System (CTS). Admissions staff review a student’s transcripts and grant equivalencies based on the information in the CTS and enter those credit approvals on the student’s Transfer Equivalency Worksheet. Transferology is a nation-wide network designed to help students explore their college transfer options. After adding your courses to Transferology you will be able see how what you have taken applies to the University of Iowa and the degree requirements they satisfy. Looking to take some courses over the summer or during the semester at another institution? Use the "Find a Replacement Course" feature …

In collaboration with local community colleges, Portland State University created transfer guides to help you navigate the transfer process. These can help you plan which courses to take at the community college and which courses to take at PSU. We have transfer guides for many majors. To have your course reviewed, submit an Equivalency Review Request. If you disagree with how a course transfers to WSU within the Transfer Guide, contact the academic department and request a review. Note: Course transfers listed on the transfer guide are subject to change at any time. Transfer Guide How Prior College Credits Will Transfer to CWU. Click here to view CWU equivalencies. This information is for advisement only and does not constitute any guarantee of equivalency at the time of transfer. Contact us at [email protected] if you have questions regarding course transferability; Transfer Admission Criteria; Test Equivalencies

Delaware Tech has also determined transfer course equivalencies that delineate how individual courses transfer from several local and regional colleges and universities to Delaware Tech. The transferability of a course does not indicate that the course will automatically apply to the graduation requirements of the student’s intended major.

A Transfer-Friendly Process. Elmhurst University takes a generous approach to course credits. We evaluate transcripts on a case-by-case basis, but in general, we award transfer credit for courses that are: Earned at a regionally accredited college or university These plans list the TCCNS course names, descriptions, and coursework numbers required for the AA or AS degrees and how these courses transfer to UTA. Please remember these guides are meant to serve only as an outline. Students who intend to transfer to UTA should speak with a UTA advisor in the academic department to help guide through course ... Transfer Course Sheets are meant to be used as a guide in addition to the Undergraduate Catalog and College/Department Academic Advisors. Academic and coursework requirements vary by major and are subject to change each year.

Transfer Course Equivalencies. If you would like to view how some of your courses may transfer prior to admission, use our transfer equivalency databases and the following guidelines to help you. Depending on the school(s) you have attended, equivalencies for your courses may be listed in the online transfer equivalency databases. Transfer Ready is the Name of the Game. Our goal with these guides is to make you transfer ready! This means choosing your major early and completing prerequisites before you transfer to FIU. Being transfer ready means that you can enroll in upper-division courses as soon as you transfer, which saves money and time. Any […] Education that Matters. Investigate Mid's academic programs, guided pathways, and degrees.Learn about our fully online degrees, and transfer services. Through our General Education curriculum, multi-level assessment, and accreditations, Mid ensures a learning experience that is both broad and deep. Transfer guides help you plan your classes now for a seamless transfer to UMKC later. They are detailed, undergraduate four-year course outlines that inform you on the classes you should take and when to take them at both your initial institution and upon transfer to UMKC. FIDM maintains Course Equivalency Guides with many transferring institutions. The list below can help you see which external course credits will transfer into FIDM, but keep in mind that all colleges introduce new courses regularly, and this list is subject to change. If your college isn’t listed, contact an Admissions Advisor for a personalized transcript evaluation by calling or emailing … The Equivalency Course Tool helps you create a transfer report to see what courses transfer. If SMU has a corresponding course to one you've taken, the SMU course equivalency is listed. Transferable courses for which there is no exact SMU equivalent are awarded elective credit and given an "XX", "YY" or other generic course number. Transfer Course Equivalency Disclaimer: The information displayed below is unofficial and is provided as a convenience for current and prospective students. Course equivalent information is subject to revision without notice and should not be considered a guarantee of transfer credit equivalencies. Lawrence Tech has partnered with the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) to provide a database for prospective students to view previously evaluated courses. TES is intended to be a guide for prospective transfer students. Courses not found in TES may still be eligible for transfer credit. The TES database is an ongoing project, college and university courses are added on a continuing basis. Select the college you want to transfer into, then find the program you’re interested in. For most majors, our handbook will provide a recommended course sequence, with transfer prerequisite requirements listed in red italics. Compare the recommended courses against your potential transfer credits. Handbook Contents. Campuswide General Education The Transfer Course Equivalencies provides a list of all course work that has been evaluated by APSU from other institutions. If a course from an institution is not listed, APSU has not evaluated that course at this time. Please see the instructions below to determine if the courses you took at your previous institution have previously been ...

Transfer Course Equivalency Guide. If you took course work at another college or university, use this online equivalency guide to determine how credit for those classes may apply toward your Iowa degree. This is not a complete list of transferable courses. For courses not listed in the guide, evaluation will be completed at the time of admission. With over 220+ credit eligible courses, students get guaranteed credit transfer to Thomas Edison State University Choose Courses Start one or more courses covering lower or upper division ...

Transfer Planning Guides by College/University 4-year colleges: Transfer and Course Equivalency Guides provide recommended courses for specific majors at your transfer institution and course to course … The Transfer Course Equivalency table is a database maintained by the ETSU Office of Undergraduate Admissions staff containing a listing of institutions by state that ETSU has evaluated course credit from in the past. Note: Please do not be alarmed if a course you wish to transfer does not appear on the transfer course equivalencies table.If ...

The University of Minnesota uses Transferology as our public transfer course database. New courses are added weekly as they are evaluated. For instructions about how to use Transferology in your transfer and major planning, go to the Transferology Student Guide. Go to Transfer Credit Evaluation to learn how to submit transfer courses for ... The following equivalent courses are from the Texas Common Course number equivalency guide. Although most academic course work taken will transfer, these particular classes will fulfill TCU Core requirements and requirements for the Nursing clinicals. Course equivalency is subject to change. To share course content, you must have the Course Content - add / edit / delete permission enabled . Shared content does not count against course or user quotas. If you copy the same page to the same course more than once, the page you previously copied will be overwritten with the newly copied page. Transfer Course Guide. Prospective Students: The Transfer Guide is provided for planning purposes only. The information provided is not a comprehensive list of all institutions or all courses at a particular institution. Upon review, transfer credit may be granted for courses not listed. An official transfer evaluation will be completed upon acceptance, an informal evaluation of transfer credit will be … Learn more about these transfer programs so you can become a Sun Devil! Transfer to ASU. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA. ... Course Equivalency Guide Exam Equivalency Guide Dual Enrollment Guide ASU Transfer NAU Transfer UA Transfer. EXPLORE Transfer 101 Transfer Tips FAQ Financial Aid Career Tools. Search millions and millions of comparable courses between colleges and universities. Check course transferability before transfer. Easily list and compare course offerings between schools. The Transfer Credit Guide provides information about how courses from other institutions transfer to the University of Arizona. It is not a complete list of all transferable courses. Please note transfer-ability of a course does not indicate how the course will apply toward your specific degree program requirements. Welcome to the PLU Interactive Equivalency Guide. With this tool you can explore how classes from other colleges and universities transfer to PLU. Whether you’re thinking about applying to PLU or you’re a current student, this guide can help you plan for meeting General Education elements and specific major or minor requirements. Courses from departments that are not listed in the guides are not generally accepted in transfer. Therefore, if a course is listed in the guide, it will transfer in some capacity. Choose your Community College to view their specific transfer guide City Colleges of Chicago Course equivalency articulation differs from program-to-program articulation in that the course-to-course agreement evaluates a potentially transferable course as a single, stand-alone unit of transfer; it does not consider the course in the context of a body of requirements for a … Find the institution where you took courses. Select the Search link next to the institution to view all equivalencies for that institution. View all equivalencies OR enter the Course/Subject Code for the transfer institution (select Transfer Course button) or the Course/Subject Code for the CSC course (select Home Course button) and click Search. Find your transfer course in the left-hand column. Ultimately, the Office of Academic Records uses an official transfer credit evaluation to analyze all prior college or university coursework and determine how each course completed at each previous school will transfer into the University in the program of study. Based on that evaluation, some credits not applicable to the program may not transfer.

The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) is a post-secondary education resource service coordinated by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE). ACTS provides course information to facilitate student transfer within Arkansas public colleges and universities.

NLU is pleased to announce additional transfer articulation agreements with McHenry County College and a new transfer guide for incoming Criminal Justice students. McHenry students can now more easily bring their credit to NLU. For more information on how courses will transfer, view our Transfer Articulation Guide.